Each California tax agency is aggressively chasing all taxpayers who owe them money on past due taxes – from the CA Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for California income tax, to the CA Employment Development Department (EDD) for California payroll taxes, to the CA State Board of Equalization (BOE) for California sales tax.

Each of these agencies uses a variety of unique policies and procedures in order to administrate, examine and collect money from you. Without a tax attorney in California, you can be vulnerable.

California has also recently passed a bill allowing all state agencies to revoke / suspend almost any California state license of its worst delinquent taxpayers. This includes revoking / suspending your CA driver’s license, CA contractor’s license, your CA medical license and your CA law license.

If you are in need of a California state tax attorney and tax resolution specialist, we have a 30 year history of successful outcomes for clients who’ve used our CA tax help services.


CA Franchise Tax Board ("FTB")

  • The FTB is in charge of California income tax. With California’s need for immediate revenue, FTB income tax audits have dramatically increased this year.
  • The FTB regularly tries to reclassify taxpayers who have any type of “connection” to the state as a California resident to get them to also pay California income tax.
  • The FTB is aggressively issuing bank levies to taxpayers in different states who owe the FTB money on past due taxes, regardless of where they are now living and even if the debt is 10 to 20 years old.
  • The FTB can criminally prosecute a tax payer for not filing a required California tax return – or – for filing a false California income tax return.

We help clients NATIONWIDE with the following California FTB tax issues:

  • Arrange FTB Installment Agreement / Bank Levy Releases
  • FTB Audit representation
  • FTB “California residency” issues
  • FTB Offer In Compromise
  • FTB criminal tax attorney defense

CA Employment Development Department ("EDD")

  • EDD is in charge of California payroll taxes. With California’s need for immediate revenue, EDD payroll tax audits have dramatically increased this year.
  • EDD regularly tries to reclassify independent contractors to employee status to get business owners to pay additional CA payroll taxes.
  • BEWARE, EDD can personally hold an individual taxpayer liable for a corporation’s nonpayment of CA payroll taxes.
  • EDD can criminally prosecute a taxpayer for not paying over their required California payroll taxes.
  • EDD has very broad powers to file tax liens, levy bank accounts, and shut businesses down for the nonpayment of California payroll taxes.
  • The EDD has an Offer In Compromise (“OIC”) program that can save qualified taxpayers thousands of dollars in California tax.

We help clients NATIONWIDE with the following California EDD issues:

  • EDD Audit representation
  • EDD “independent contractor” vs. “employee” status classification.
  • Arrange EDD Installment Agreement / Bank Levy Releases
  • EDD Offer In Compromise
  • EDD criminal tax defense

CA State Board of Equalization ("BOE")

  • The BOE is in charge of California sales tax. With California’s need for immediate revenue, BOE sales tax audits have dramatically increased this year.
  • BEWARE, California BOE can personally hold an individual taxpayer liable for a corporation’s nonpayment of CA sales tax.
  • The BOE can criminally prosecute a taxpayer for not paying over their required California sales taxes.
  • The BOE can revoke a taxpayer’s sales tax seller’s permit for the late payment of California sales tax.
  • It is a crime to operate a California business without a valid CA sales tax seller’s permit.
  • The BOE has very broad powers to file tax liens, levy bank accounts, and shut businesses down for the nonpayment of California sales taxes.
  • The BOE has an Offer In Compromise(“OIC”) program that can save qualified taxpayers thousands of dollars in California sales tax.

We help clients with the following California BOE sales tax issues:

  • BOE sales tax audit representation
  • Arrange BOE sales tax Installment Agreement / Bank Levy Releases 
  • BOE sales tax Offer In Compromise
  • BOE sales tax criminal tax defense
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