It’s important to understand how serious criminal tax issues can be. This includes tax evasion, filing a false tax return, criminal failure to file, and willfully failing to pay employment taxes. The IRS regularly obtains convictions in over 85% of their criminal tax cases.

You should never speak with an IRS criminal division Special Agent regarding your case without a criminal tax attorney. All statements made by you to a Special Agent will be used against you in any subsequent court trial. The sole function of an IRS criminal division Special Agent is to obtain sufficient evidence to prosecute you for committing a tax crime and to send you to federal prison. The IRS can obtain a search warrant to seize your documents, make a surprise visit to your home or office, and even freeze your assets.

The most common way a criminal tax investigation gets started is by someone reporting you to the IRS for cheating on your taxes. Taxpayers unfamiliar with the criminal tax process often think that if they just admit their mistakes and offer to pay the additional tax and some penalties, the Special Agent will simply go away. A criminal tax case is very different than a civil tax audit. Admitting your wrongdoings will merely bolster the IRS’s criminal case against you and provide critical evidence to the IRS which will later be used against you in Federal Court.

There are many ways for the IRS to prosecute in criminal cases, If you have criminal tax problems, it’s critical to find an experienced criminal tax attorney of San Diego to defend you. With deep knowledge on the ins and outs of criminal tax investigations, we understand that each criminal tax case requires immediate attention and specific expertise gained through years of experience. For the past 25 years, criminal tax attorney of San Diego, Richard Carpenter has taught the Criminal Tax Fraud class as a part time Tax Law Professor at the University of San Diego School of Law. He has also been named one of the Best Lawyers in America. We have a great track record of working through all types of criminal tax cases to provide clients with the best IRS tax resolution services.

By recognizing early on that you have a potential criminal tax problem, and contacting a criminal tax lawyer, you will have the best chance of arriving at a successful resolution. If you need a criminal tax lawyer or San Diego tax attorney for your case, we can help you get the best results possible.

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An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a chance for qualified taxpayers to offer the IRS a substantially lesser amount of money in order to satisfy payment.


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